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Twitter Is Testing A TV Feature That Highlights Trending Shows In Your Timeline

A Twitter user has spotted a new box that shows up at the top of your timeline and highlights TV shows trending on the network.

Twitter is testing a new feature that shows information about trending TV shows in some users' streams. Twitter user @asg spotted the trending boxes in the Twitter iOS app yesterday evening, but the boxes don't yet appear to be a widely available feature. Each trending box includes a show's season and episode, what time it airs and on which network, and related tweets.

We've known for a while that Twitter is keen on bolstering its TV-related features, both to attract advertisers and boost user engagement. Earlier this month, Twitter partnered with Nielsen to introduce a new ratings scale called the Nielsen Twitter TV Rating, which aims to create a correlation between a show's ratings and how many people are tweeting about it on Twitter.

[Image: Flickr user ianmunroe]