Can We Build A Real Golem? These Academics Think So

A conference in the Czech Republic is calling for robot and artificial researchers to work on real-life golems.

Can We Build A Real Golem? These Academics Think So

In Jewish and Czech folklore, the golem is an artificial, human-like creature that’s animated by magic. Now some scientists want to try their best to create a real-life version of the golem.

The Beyond Artificial Intelligence conference, to be held at the University of West Bohemia in the Czech Republic this November, is calling on researchers to submit papers on how to best create an “Artificial Golem Intelligence.”

Although the official conference subject is Artificial General Intelligence, organizers are happy to explore the relevance for building real-life golems, as seen in the call for papers below.

Topics for the conference include possibilities for building cybernetic brains, the use of Kabbalah in artificial intelligence labs, and the uncanny valley.

So, the question is… who wants to be the first owner of a real-life magical superhuman giant?

[Image: Flickr user One From RM]