How Evernote Plans To Turn Everyone Into A Premium User

The digital note taking service is offering free, yearlong premium subscriptions to Brazil-based users of Telefónica, its largest mobile carrier partner to date.

How Evernote Plans To Turn Everyone Into A Premium User

It takes three years for Evernote, the digital note taking service, to convert 22% of its free users into paying users of its $45-a-year Premium service.

But rather than continuing to wait around for users to make the switch to Premium accounts on their own, Evernote is pushing the benefits of Premium directly to customers through partnerships with mobile carriers. The company’s most recent partnership, announced today, will bring free, yearlong Premium subscriptions to smartphone users of Vivo, the Brazilian brand of the mobile network provider Telefónica.

Evernote already has similar deals in place with carriers such as Deutsche Telekom and Orange France, but Telefónica, the fifth largest mobile network provider in the world with 247 million mobile customers, is Evernote’s largest carrier partner to date. And although Evernote currently has 2 million users in Brazil, according to the New York Times, Telefónica has 80 million subscribers there.

Pursuing carriers fits into Evernote’s strategy of reaching as many people on as many devices as possible. As Evernote CEO Phil Libin once said:

We want Evernote to be your external brain. Eventually, hopefully it will be implanted in your brain. Until that magical day we want it to be on every device you touch.

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