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Uber is Coming to China

Job postings indicate the e-hailing app has plans to expand to Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

Uber is Coming to China

According to job postings on a regional site and its own internal jobs board, car-hailing app Uber is moving into China.

After launching in seven new cities over the past two months, bringing the total to 40 on 5 continents, the fast-growing app has plans to open in Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong.

The blog Tech in Asia speculates Chinese consumers are likely to embrace Uber because of a general shortage of cabs and growing restrictions on private cars. In Beijing license plate lotteries have long odds; in Shanghai a license plate can cost more than the car itself. However, Uber already has well established local rivals, particularly Yongche, a two-year old startup that's in 38 Chinese cities.

[image: Flickr user d'n'c]