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Ticketmaster's President Nathan Hubbard Out

Nathan Hubbard has been hooked off stage by the company's owner Live Nation, which is working to transform Tickemaster.

Ticketmaster's President Nathan Hubbard Out

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Live Nation Entertainment has removed Ticketmaster's top executive, president Nathan Hubbard, from the board. Hubbard has been responsible for Live Nation's Ticketmaster wing since 2010. Neither Live Nation nor Hubbard would comment on the matter.

According to the WSJ Hubbard was removed amid a power struggle with Live Nation's CEO Michael Rapino. Live Nation has also ramped up digital efforts, and Hubbard's expertise isn't a match for what Live Nation wants to happen at Ticketmaster. Hubbard was formerly a singer-songwriter, but gained an MBA from Stanford.

Hubbard had been trying to tackle a very difficult task of turning around Ticketmaster's business and also repairing its terrible public reputation as the "most hated brand in America." But as we reported earlier, Hubbard faced difficulties at every turn including within the company's executive team. Spending on tickets in the U.S. was falling dramatically when Hubbard took up his role, and he'd never run a global company that had 3,000 staff and over a billion dollars in revenues.

[Image via Flickr user: Marce Grez]