• 08.13.13

Yes, Google Play Is Growing, But Apple Is Still Winning

Googles Play’s app store for Android is finally making much more money. But Apple is still king of apps, and its revenues are growing, too.

Yes, Google Play Is Growing, But Apple Is Still Winning

A new report from analytics company Distimo has the Internet excited about Google Play’s revenue growth. The statistics are impressive: Over the last six months Google Play’s revenues have increased 67%, leaping up 11% in July alone. It’s impressive, but don’t be too quick to dismiss Apple–which is still king of the app stores. Its 15% revenue growth over the last six months is just as impressive, if not more so, as Google’s. It’s a game of statistics and context, you see.

advertisement points to a different survey that notes Apple’s App Store revenue is still 2.3% higher than Google Play’s revenue, even while the physical number of app downloads through Play beat Apple’s total during the second quarter of 2013. Most of the App Store revenue comes from the U.S., with Japan and the U.K. making up the second and third most spend-happy nations. South Korea, the home of Samsung, unsurprisingly was the majority contributor to Google Play revenues.

Yes, Google’s revenue rise is a dramatic success. But in context, consider there are far more Android devices out there than iOS devices–and every monthly data burst from one analytics firm or another confirms the Android army marching on. For Apple to grow its own App Store revenues against the rise of Android suggests that Apple is doing something right that Google isn’t, yet.

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