The Connector: How Women in Wireless Chief Diana Epstein Is Empowering Women In Mobile

Diana Epstein, the head of Women in Wireless, on how how mobile is empowering women and changing the advertising landscape.

The Connector: How Women in Wireless Chief Diana Epstein Is Empowering Women In Mobile

By day, Diana Epstein is an account executive at mobile advertising firm Jumptap, where she advises agencies, brands, and app developers on how to best leverage mobile tech in their advertising efforts. By night, the energetic 28-year-old leads the mobile-focused network Women in Wireless (WiW), a 5000+ member, multi-city non-profit that works to connect and empower female leaders in mobile and digital media. In 2012, Epstein was named one of Mobile Marketer’s Mobile Women to Watch. Epstein shared some of what she’s learned so far with Fast Company:

Diana Epstein

Fast Company: Is it more difficult for women than for men to obtain leadership positions in mobile and digital media? What challenges does WIW help women in mobile overcome?

Epstein: As a quickly growing industry, mobile advertising enjoys the emergence of both male and female entrepreneurs. From large, established companies to new start-ups that seem to pop up weekly, the ever-changing mobile industry plays to the entrepreneurial spirit. With unprecedented market growth, there’s significant opportunity to achieve leadership roles for both genders in this unprecedented growth market. In this space, you don’t need to necessarily sit on the leadership team of your company to be a leader.

With that said, there’s still a need for organizations like Women in Wireless (WIW) to help women rise to the top. WIW helps connect women at all levels, forging relationships that will drive more female leadership. This fosters connections that we hope will help catapult them up the ranks in their current and future roles. Many tech companies have few women in senior leadership roles and we want to help build mentorship connections as they tend to lack in our tech heavy workplace. WIW is launching a robust mentorship program and we are beta testing a platform called GGGrit. This platform will allow our members the ability to connect on different topics and remove geographical barriers between them. These relationships are built from both networking and mentoring in a space where women can connect and learn from one another. My ideal is to hear that someone got a new job at a new company because a fellow WIW member made a recommendation to hire her.

Fast Company: You are an Account Executive at mobile advertising firm Jumptap. As an advertising industry insider, what is the biggest challenge for advertisers who are trying to keep up with mobile tech and the waves that it is creating across industries?

Epstein: I think there are two big challenges: attribution and differentiation. Attribution, or understanding mobile performance and how it delivers back to CPA goals, ROAS, and the bottom line, has been a challenge from the beginning, but there are ways to track users and identify them without cookies. Advertisers are used to doing it one way online and need to know there are still growing pains in mobile, and its not going to work the same way but it can be done.

The other challenge is that the industry is growing so quickly that it is easy to get confused on what is actually feasible in mobile and what is smoke and mirrors. It is a challenge to understand what companies actually do and how they all fit together. Since new technology is changing the game and leveling much of the playing field, marketing and product teams have to continue to work hard to better differentiate themselves. Packaging is going to help win the game. With real-time bidding (RTB), many platforms have access to the same inventory and mobile companies need to better carve out their niche. A clear go-to market message will help them win with advertisers and marketers.

Fast Company: What is your go-to source of information on what’s going on in mobile?


Epstein: I’m subscribed to probably 20+ publications that flood my inbox daily. I always at least scan the headlines even if I don’t have time to read every article. A few must reads are Ad Exchanger, Mobile Marketer, Ad Age, TechCrunch, MMA Smartbrief.

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