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With IFTTT Channel, The New York Times Makes It Easy For You To Customize Your News

The service that automates your online life gets a dedicated New York Times channel.

The web service and mobile app IFTTT, which stands for "If This Then That," has made a name for itself as a simple way to automate common web activities, such as sending your Instagram photos to Flickr, or archiving your tweets in an Evernote notebook.

Today the service announced a high-profile partnership with the New York Times that will allow users to engage with the paper's plethora of content via new IFTTT recipes. Users have already come up with creative ways to integrate Times content into IFTTT recipes, such as "Place new NYT Theater events on your Google Calendar" and "Get NYT Crosswords & Game links sent to your inbox."

Here are the triggers available to NYT readers on IFTTT:

[Image: IFTT]