Looking For A Parking Spot In NYC? There’s An App For That

The SpotHero app helps users find and reserve parking spots in their area, no circling the block necessary.

Looking For A Parking Spot In NYC? There’s An App For That

To make hunting for a parking spot in Manhattan less frustrating (a tall task), SpotHero, which helps users reserve parking spots in advance, has expanded to the Big Apple.

Instead of circling a block endlessly, users can compare pricing options and time availabilities near a given address. When they find something to their liking, they can reserve a spot in a parking garage or lot. Though SpotHero promises cheaper rates than what’s advertised, there’s needed foresight because some lots require a confirmation printout placed on the dashboard. Most locations aren’t so demanding, and some feature QR code scanners to keep track of cars’ comings and goings.

“We believe the future of parking is superior customer service and convenient reservations,” cofounder Jeremy Smith told Fast Company, noting an average spot in New York City costs $38 daily or $550 monthly. “Also, we believe the future of parking is online, mobile, 24/7.”

In a city known for its expansive public transit network, the question is whether there’s a market for SpotHero. The company says parking in New York City is a “multibillion dollar industry,” citing the high number of workers who commute into Manhattan and the fact that 46% of households own cars. “That number has been growing over the past year,” added Smith, who said the service has “hundreds of thousands of customers.”

[Image: Flickr user Leslie Kalohi, SpotHero]

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