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Meet A Few Of The 100,000 People Who Have Applied To Go To Mars

Those interested have until Aug. 31 to submit their video applications for a chance to live and die on Mars. Let's meet some of the applicants.

Meet A Few Of The 100,000 People Who Have Applied To Go To Mars

Mars One, which aims to colonize the Mars, has received more than 100,000 applications for a one-way trip to the Red Planet. The nonprofit organization, which hopes to secure $6 billion for its ambitious plans, will select a multinational crew of 40 astronauts this year, with four of them jettisoning off in September 2022, landing in April 2023.

The selected pioneers, who would live and die on Mars, will undergo an eight-year training program where they will learn to create farms and build habitats. The colonies are expected to create their own oxygen and water, which will be extracted and filtered from the Martian soil.

While none of the applicants are as awesome as 7-year-old Dexter Walters (who really, really wants to go on a one-way trip to Mars), would you trust any of them to colonize the Red Planet for the human race?

Willard Sollano Daniac:




Those interested in tossing their hats in the ring have until the end of August to submit a video application.

[Image: Flickr user USDAGov]