Is The New IPhone Coming September 10?

Hot new rumors say Apple’s iPhone launch event is in just four weeks’ time, and the top-range phone will get some bold new design tweaks.

Is The New IPhone Coming September 10?

Reports suggest Apple has finally set a release date for its upcoming new iPhone: September 10. With that news comes a new list of Apple rumors.


AllThingD’s Ina Fried tried to confirm the rumors with Apple, only to get the standard “we don’t comment on rumors” PR quote. Nevertheless, the rumors are entirely plausible. September 10 is a Tuesday, which has long been Apple’s favorite day for tech events. The Yerba Buena Arts Center in San Francisco appears to have no big events scheduled for that day or the few before, and since this is the site Apple has chosen for many previous iPhone events, there’s no reason to expect differently this time around.

The timing also coincides with an uptick in leaked iPhone parts, and more rumors about the phone’s design. So far the hottest new rumor, from, suggests Apple is looking at a redesign for its home button. Instead of a concave glass-topped button, Apple is said to have gone for a sapphire-coated, slightly convex button. Apple already uses sapphire, which is more damage-resistant than glass, and a convex button would mean the device doesn’t rest flat on its face, which would protect the screen from scratches.

Another rumor suggests that Apple may be adding a gold or light bronze to the iPhone’s color options. This tallies with some earlier leaked parts that seemed to show a SIM tray from an iPhone with a metallic gold color. We’re not convinced of the aesthetic value of a gold iPhone, but who knows? It could sell like crazy.

The same source reaffirms that Apple is releasing a cheaper plastic-backed iPhone that will come in several color options, and be called the iPhone “5C”–with the C presumably meaning “color.” CNET has photos of what it says is a lime green iPhone 5C.

Separately says it has seen definitive evidence that the full-featured iPhone for 2013 will have a dual-LED flash system. This would improve the camera’s low-light performance.

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