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Fab Partners With Itochu Corporation To Launch In Japan By 2014

The online retailer gets a $5 million investment to bring its design wares to Asia.

Online retailer Fab has gotten a new $5 million investment from Japan's Itochu Corporation to bring its design wares to Asia in 2014.

The new investment is part of Fab's latest Series D funding round, which now totals $165 million and includes investments from Andreessen Horowitz, Tencent, Atomico, and Itochu's venture capital arm, Itochu Technology Ventures.

"We believe Fab has a huge potential to expand their business in Japan/Asia and we are very excited to work with Fab to realize their long-term vision of being the world’s design store," Itochu's Shunsuke Noda said in a statement.

Fab recently made headlines when it cut more than 100 employees based in Berlin.

[Image: Flickr user chris.corwin]

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