Indiegogo Is Being Used To Help Sneak News Out Of North Korea

A North Korean news site has launched a fundraising campaign to help boost its info-spreading powers.

Indiegogo Is Being Used To Help Sneak News Out Of North Korea

Korean news organization Daily NK has launched a $10,000 Indiegogo campaign to help it bring news from inside the secretive communist nation of North Korea to the outside world.

Project Daily NK: Amplify the North Korea Info Flow from on Vimeo.

According to the Indiegogo page, Daily NK has helped “undercover citizen journalists” in the north report on “timely and accurate” news. Its sources work collaboratively with South Korean staff to get the news out of North Korea, which typically keeps a tight grip on the flow of information. The site wants the $10,000 to expand its news coverage by improving its website, particularly for mobile devices, and to publish in more languages. The money will also help fend off frequent hacking attacks, which the site says originate in North Korea and China.

North Korea has planned to open up 3G broadband access to the limited number of tourists it permits, but has apparently backed down on the idea. The country is the subject of international criticism for its human rights record and belligerence to other nations. Google’s Eric Schmidt recently visited the nation to talk technology with the government.

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