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Obama Wants To Reform NSA Surveillance Programs

The president wants to ensure there is an adversarial voice involved in FISA court proceedings, and said he plans to work with Congress to reform the part of the Patriot Act that deals with phone data records.

At a news conference on Friday, President Obama said he was making plans to improve government oversight of surveillance programs in an effort to ensure the protection of civil rights and restore the public's trust in the government.

"Given the history of abuse by governments, it's right to ask questions about surveillance, particularly as technology is reshaping every aspect of our lives," Obama said, according to Reuters.

The announcement comes after recent revelations about the NSA's widespread surveillance efforts, leaked by Edward Snowden. The NSA's collection of phone and web metadata has many Americans writhing in discomfort. Specifically, Obama said he plans to overhaul Section 215 of the Patriot Act, which deals with tracking metadata in phone records. He also wishes to let civil liberties representatives in on decisions made by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court regarding tracking individuals.

Obama's attempt at making the NSA and government surveillance efforts more transparent may appease some Snowden supporters, but as Reuters notes, it's unclear whether or not Congress will take up the initiatives. Snowden was recently offered asylum in Russia.

[Image: Flickr user jonathan mcintosh]

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  • Nothanks

    BDCBRYAN is spot on. Is this journalism or fanboism? If Bush had done any of this, I'd bet everyone would be at his throat, but because it is Messiah Obama, there is nary a word of criticism. Obama is Bush 2.0. Bigger, badder, and more ready to oppress. Let's vote all of these Bushes and Obamas out of office, and stop the government (which includes the president), from invading our privacy. 

  • Bdcbryan

    So, the government is going to monitor the government? But it's Obama, so it's all good. Great reporting.