Video Ads Are Coming To Your Android Apps

App developers can now use SDKs to integrate third-party video advertisements into their products as a new revenue stream.

Video Ads Are Coming To Your Android Apps

It’s official: Video advertisements in Android apps are a thing. A New York-based company, HyprMx, just developed a new SDK app for developers with a twist: App users are rewarded with freemium products (such as music downloads or virtual currency) in exchange for watching a commercial.

HyprMx’s Corey Weiner told Fast Company by email that “apps are the new Internet, and with the size and magnitude of the audience, brands have a unique opportunity to be in the hands of this user base while they make purchase decisions. Our SDK builds a veritable two-way street–brands can tap into this fast-growing user base while any developer can plug branded videos into any Android app at scale. We are the first company to do this in a meaningful way.”

For developers, the challenge right now is weighing in-phone video with customer sentiment. Although giving video advertisements inside games or utilities is an easy revenue generator for developers, consumers are ambivalent about having video ads creep in–and there’s the fact that many older Android phones have problems with in-app video. But, nonetheless, this seems to be where the market is heading.

[Image: Wikimedia user Rwxrwxrwx]