The Recommender: Skylar Bergl, Who Proves You Can Love Racecars And “The O.C.” At The Same Time

The three best things Fast Company‘s Editorial Assistant saw on the Internet this week.

The Recommender: Skylar Bergl, Who Proves You Can Love Racecars And “The O.C.” At The Same Time

Name: Skylar Bergl
Role at Fast Company: Editorial Assistant
Twitter: @skylarbergl
Titillating fact: Skylar is a “completely obsessed” Formula 1 racing fan. “It’s almost impossible to explain to someone who doesn’t have any idea what it is, especially since most Americans associate any auto racing with Nascar. Between the NASA-level technology involved, the off-track politics, and the sheer speed, there’s always something to nerd out about. I’ve found myself staying up until 3 or 4 a.m. to catch races in Australia and China live rather than DVRing them. And even though I’ve never learned how to drive a manual, I want to get in the cockpit of one of these machines more than anything.”


Things he’s loving:

1. History of The Oregon Trail
My first exposure to the Oregon Trail came when I was in elementary school, in second or third grade. I distinctly remember playing it in computer class, digitally moving my family westward. Johnny would usually catch typhoid fever, cholera, or some other outdated illness and not make it. Then I would leave school and play it again on the communal computer at my after-school day care. I was addicted. Naturally, I had no idea where the game really came from. But this story on its origins and how it became a defining moment for educational gaming is pretty cool.

2. Jason Sudeikis as Tottenham manager Ted Lasso
In late 2012, NBC Sports spent $250 million acquiring the rights to every Barclay’s Premier League game, and it will be airing every game live on TV and online. For American soccer fans, it’s a godsend. And of course, the network is promoting like crazy in the lead-up to the start of the season. Here, Jason Sudeikis, one of my favorite ex-SNLers, brings the Southern football coach flavor as Ted Lasso, the new Tottenham Hotspur manager in quintessential American fashion, quickly finding out that tackling means something much different across the pond.

3. The O.C.’s 10th Anniversary
Just before I entered high school, The O.C. happened. The series drew on the previous Cali-based teen dramas of Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place while subsequently setting off another set of them in the mid-’00s. As a kid living in the suburbs of Chicago, I was totally hooked on the over-the-top drama. While many dismiss it as a trashy teen soap opera (they’re not totally wrong), they also forget how witty and self-aware the series was. Plus, a supercut of Peter Gallagher’s eyebrows as Sandy Cohen giving relationship advice is something everyone needs. With the 10th anniversary of the show’s premiere happening earlier this week, all the pieces written in memoriam have me thinking about a re-watch. (Confession: I never made it past the middle of season three).

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