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Virgin Atlantic Flights Are Getting Improv Comedians. Really.

Genius publicity stunt or new fresh hell? Virgin Atlantic is stationing in-aisle improv comedians and live musicians on selected U.K. flights.

Virgin Atlantic Flights Are Getting Improv Comedians. Really.

Life is hard when you're a budget airline. Between Ryanair and Spirit Airlines offering dirt-cheap but increasingly uncomfortable budget flights, and JetBlue branching into luxury travel, it's hard to get attention for your brand. But no one has ever accused Richard Branson of lacking publicity stunt mojo: His newest venture, a United Kingdom-based spin-off of Virgin Atlantic, is offering in-flight improv comedy and live music.

Virgin Atlantic Little Red, a U.K. domestic rebranding of Virgin Atlantic, will feature "in-flight gigs" on selected flights that include live music and improv comedians. Entertainment will take place on flights headed to Edinburgh and Manchester, and performers will be selected from the talent pool at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

But here's the kicker: While the acts will be mentioned on Virgin Atlantic's Facebook and Twitter pages, the flights they will be performing on will be a surprise. We're guessing that business travelers, improv comedy, and a confined environment will be a volatile mixture, but that's just us.

[Image: Wikimedia user Anthony92931]