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Where Are They Now?

Wind-Uh-Ohs: Asus Will Stop Making Windows RT Tablets

Striking a very sour note in Microsoft's tablet tune, mass device manufacturer Asus will no longer make RT-compatible devices.

Wind-Uh-Ohs: Asus Will Stop Making Windows RT Tablets

Taiwan's Asustek has said that it's choosing to follow the industry sentiment that Microsoft's Windows RT tablet OS has been a flop, and says it's going to stop making compatible devices.

Asus is still going to make tablets that work with the fuller Windows 8 tablet OS that runs on Intel hardware, because that version of the code is backwards compatible with files and software that run on traditional PCs. The Wall Street Journal notes that Asus chairman Jonney Shih hinted at the move when he spoke to AllThingsD last week and complained about the failure of RT. Asus took a write-down on RT hardware, but for an unannounced amount. Microsoft itself took a $900 million write down on the failing RT platform, specifically due to its Surface RT tablet effort.

The tablet wars are getting more and more heated as time passes, and Google's just made a big play with its next-gen Nexus 7 device. Apple's upcoming iPad 5 is expected to hit the scene with a splash in the fall, and it may bring a retina-screen iPad Mini along with it to recapture Apple's market share.

[Image via Flickr user: InspireFate Photography]