To Whom It May Concern: New App Lets Companies Post Jobs And Sort Applicants From Anywhere

A California startup called Proven is launching a new iOS and Android app that lets companies handle the messy business of job hiring via mobile or tablet. The Proven Employer app is integrated with Craigslist and the company’s proprietary job listings so that companies can post ads from within the app, and use it to auto-sort resumes according to pre-defined criteria. From there, HR reps can sort candidates into yes, no, or maybe piles on the fly. In short, it means that job applicants are judged entirely via mobile and a traditional desktop or laptop computer doesn’t enter into the evaluation.

So, all that fancy work you did on PDF resume formatting? Well, it counts a lot less when viewed via iPhone.

“From the beginning, our vision has been to not only simplify and improve the entire employment process, but also take it completely mobile, which is the future. After the success of our mobile job search tools for job seekers, we are very excited to take the next step by offering a native mobile solution for employers. Now they can carry out hiring tasks from anywhere, from their own mobile device, thus saving significant time and adding flexibility to the hiring manager’s life,” Proven CEO Pablo Fuentes told Fast Company.

The San Francisco-based company primarily serves clients in the restaurant and retail food industry and entry-level job seekers; Proven also has an app that lets jobseekers search for gigs via mobile phones. Will the flexibility of hiring via smartphone override the limited feature sets and the fact that many job-hunters may be uncomfortable with the idea of getting hired via an app? We’ll see.

[Images: Proven]