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Today's Most Innovative Company: Nuance, Turning Smartphones Into Grammar Snobs

You know the joys (and perils) of autocorrect. But how would you feel about a smartphone that corrects your grammar?

If you're a smartphone user, you probably make frequent use of the autocorrect feature that fixes the spelling errors you inevitably make as your fingers fly across the keyboard sending text messages with abandon. (Whether those corrections convey what we really meant to say is a different story.)

The Atlantic reports the software company Nuance is currently developing a technology that will be able to point out not just spelling errors, but also grammatical errors within texts.

The technology, called "future context," would be able to contextualize entire sentences or sentence fragments to understand, for example, where you meant to use "Its" rather than "It's" within the context of a text. The current standard in autocorrect technology doesn't provide that contextual layer. So in the case of "Its" versus "It's," for example, current autocorrect technology would suggest whichever one I use more frequently.

Nuance, which provides most major phone makers (minus Apple) with its predictive typing software, is the same company behind several breakthroughs in smartphone-based speech and text software, including voice recognition and the Siri-like Dragon Mobile Assist for Android.

Will Nuance be on the next list of the world's Most Innovative Companies?

[Image: Flickr user jmawork]

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