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China Cracks Down On Flipboard, Making It Even Harder To Get Outside News

Chinese authorities appear to have blocked the popular social news aggregator app Flipboard.

China, known for censoring sources of information that have—or could—contradict the approved official line, has reportedly shut down popular news aggregator app Flipboard, at least in its international version.

Twitter and Facebook are some of Flipboard's key news sources, and both are blocked in China, so perhaps the Flipboard crackdown is no surprise. Flipboard was acting as a de facto portal to Twitter and thus external media sources.

There was some initial speculation that Flipboard was self-censoring, bending to the complex set of demands, threats, and requests the Chinese government has in place to make Internet companies conform. But as TheNextWeb reports, Flipboard has said it absolutely is not self-censoring, and appears to be looking into the situation.

China's Great Firewall has blocked a large number of leading web services, including LinkedIn and even VPNs.

[Image via Flickr user: Johan Larsson]