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Today's Most Innovative Company: Replay Technologies Will Make Sports Replays Look Like Scenes From "The Matrix"

AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys, will be decked out with 24 4K cameras to provide captivating 360-degree replays.

When football season starts, Cowboys fans will be treated to a Matrix-like viewing experience with freeD technology, which will use 12 4K cameras in each end zone to render 360-degree replays.

Developed by Replay Technologies, the so-called "bullet time" footage (nicknamed so for Keanu Reeves' bullet-dodging scenes in The Matrix) offers new perspective, as well as tactical views, that could potentially help referees make their calls.

"Fans will think they’re playing a video game or watching a Sci-Fi movie, but they’ll actually be viewing real NFL football as never presented before," said NBC Sunday Night Football producer Fred Gaudelli in a statement.

FreeD, short for free dimension video, made its premiere back in April at Yankees home games and was able to render the replays in 30 seconds on average.

Will Replay Technologies be on the next list of the world's Most Innovative Companies?

[Image: Flickr user mrlaugh]

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