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BlinkLink, A Snapchat For Twitter

This free tool lets you tweet photos that expire unless they're retweeted.

BlinkLink, A Snapchat For Twitter

image: Flickr user Thomas Huxley

Clay Allsop, a developer and Thiel Fellow, created Blinklink, a tool for posting images to Twitter that disappear after a certain number of people have seen them. You can set the maximum number of initial views from 100 and increase from there. After the prescribed number of eyes have fallen on your pic, it disappears from view, until someone else retweets the link, adding a new set of potential views.

Disappearing content is much on people's minds these days, what with all the over-sharing from mayoral candidates, and various government agencies getting super snoopy. What makes BlinkLink notable is that it's a way to model people's motivation for sharing content, and the decay of that interest; the fact that a link is available for a limited time is also a further incentive to share.

"There might be a market," for Blinks, notes Allsop, who says he's going to keep the tool going for now. "I've gotten inbounds from folks wanting to use BlinkLink as a sort of "share wall", where a deal disappears after a certain number of views... unless it's shared again."

[Image: Flickr user Thomas Huxley]