Got A How-To Question? Now You Can Chat Live With EHow Experts

The Q&A site eHow’s paid on-demand advice concierge, eHow Now, connects users with expert consultants in one-on-one chats.

Got A How-To Question? Now You Can Chat Live With EHow Experts

eHow has more than 3 million entries for your “How To” needs in dozens of different categories. But the massive Q&A site isn’t the best place to find answers you need immediately, such as during an emergency.

So the site has launched a new paid product called eHow Now, which offers live, on-demand consultants who can immediately answer questions in six categories: pets, legal advice, tech support, mechanics, personal finance, and health. eHow Now is accessible either via a $9.99 monthly subscription or a one-time instant consultation for $19.99. eHow says its consultants are all verified by a third party, but it’s unlikely that, say, an eHow Now health consultant would be an apt substitute for your doctor. Rather, the consultants seem to act more like quick-fixes.

eHow Now’s goal is clearly to provide highly personalized advice to users right when they’re looking for it, not unlike the way the Google Now app attempts to provide you with relevant information exactly when you need it, such as calendar appointments, directions to work, or movie theater showtimes.

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