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Aiming To Bring DNA Sequencing To The Masses, 23andMe Launches TV Ad Campaign

Is DNA sequencing going mainstream? 23andMe thinks so, with a splashy new campaign inviting Americans to learn more about their genes.

23andMe, the California-based low-cost consumer DNA analysis outfit, wants to take gene sequencing to the masses. Starting this week, American television viewers will see a new DNA analysis ad campaign explaining the virtues of $99 gene analysis. The company, based in Mountain View, lets anyone send in their DNA for analysis of disease risk and ancient ancestry. Although 23andMe's tech is currently more about fun and hobbyist point-seeking rather than offering substantial health info for life planning purposes, it is one of the biggest players in a growing niche market.

Catherine Afarian of 23andMe told Fast Company that the commercials were the company's second television ad campaign. 23andMe previously ran spots centered around discovering genealogical heritage, which aired in conjunction with Henry Louis Gates' PBS program Finding Your Roots: