Feedly Frustrates Users By Making Them Pay To Search

The RSS reader introduced a Pro version that includes new features like the much-requested search function. The catch: You have to pay to use it.

Feedly Frustrates Users By Making Them Pay To Search

When Google Reader shut down at the beginning of July, many heralded the RSS reader Feedly as it rose above the myriad of alternatives as Reader’s heir apparent.


Over the weekend, Feedly introduced Feedly Pro, a premium version of the RSS reader. For $5 a month, Pro will get you priority access to the Feedly support team, one-click saving to Evernote, secure browsing, and the long-awaited ability to search within your Feedly feeds.

Pro hasn’t officially launched yet–the Feedly team says it’s using the funds it collected from a limited number of early backers to purchase extra hardware–but already some loyal users are less than thrilled at the prospect of having to pay for an internal search feature, which has long been at the top of many users’ wishlists, and which was a free feature within the old Google Reader.

Many have taken to Feedly’s message boards to voice their less than thrilled reactions on Feedly’s message boards.

“What is the point of saving and reading posts in a place like Feedly if you can’t easily retrieve items you’ve already read…Sort of defeats one of the primary reasons most people use a feeder reader in the the first place.”

“What’s next, $10 a month to view images?”

“Wow. Had i known this i would have found another reader when i was kicked out of reader :(“

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