Could Drinking Solve The Postal Service’s Financial Woes?

The ailing agency has been brainstorming ways to recover from its $16 billion loss in 2012. Its newest idea: Sending booze in the mail.

Could Drinking Solve The Postal Service’s Financial Woes?

The USPS’s Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe has a new idea for how the ailing government agency can recover from the $16 billion deficit it suffered in 2012: Sending alcohol through the mail.

In an interview today, Donahoe told the Associated Press the USPS could raise as much as $50 million from annual alcohol deliveries. Mailing alcohol is currently illegal in the U.S., but in theory, the postal service would offer special boxes designed to hold bottles of wine, beer, or spirits that it could ship domestically for a flat rate.

Alcohol deliveries are the latest in a string of ideas we’ve heard come out of the USPS’s brainstorming sessions. Among other options, it considered cutting Saturday mail deliveries, and is creating a proprietary “Rain Heat & Snow” fashion line of apparel and accessories.

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