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History Timeline Visualizes Your Chrome Surfing History (And It's Privacy-Friendly)

A new plug-in takes your computer's local browsing history and allows users to explore their web habits through photos and images.

A new Google Chrome plug-in, History Timeline, gives users an alternative to the boring old text-and-icon-only History page: A detailed graphical analysis of their local computer browsing history. The proof-of-concept plug-in was created by London-based Potato in collaboration with Google Australia's Creative Lab.

The plug-in can only take history from a user's local computer—it works based on local browsing history and doesn't access the user's Google account history—and only visualizes web browsing from the time after it has been installed. History Timeline is still definitely in the early stages, though. It slowed our computer down somewhat upon installation, but it did admittedly create an amazing visualization of our Internet browsing history.

An added bonus for users is the fact that the plug-in doesn't transmit browser data to any marketers or advertising firms; all information is stored locally. History Timeline is more about Potato showing what they can do with Chrome and less about monetizing users' personal information, and that's something we can all historically get behind.

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