The Recommender: Joe Berkowitz, Who Was Recently Kidnapped By Heineken

The three best things Co.Create’s Associate Editor saw on the Internet this week.

The Recommender: Joe Berkowitz, Who Was Recently Kidnapped By Heineken

Name: Joe Berkowitz
Role at Fast Company: Staff writer for Co.Create. Joe was recently kidnapped by Heineken for an “experiential marketing” campaign. One helicopter, speedboat, and catamaran ride later, and he is still unsure what exactly happened.
Twitter: @JoeBerkowitz
Titillating fact: In college, Joe once got a fake ID with the last name “Quick”–and then got arrested for it almost immediately: The “hello, I must be going to jail real quick” jokes were relentless, but also entirely warranted. Some guy I knew had made it for me with relatively sophisticated equipment, and the ID successfully passed muster during the totality of a Daytona Beach spring break. Then a week later–boom, busted. Since it was a fabrication, rather than just some bro-ppelgänger’s license, it was an arrestable offense. Back then, I pretended I’d had no choice in the matter of that surname, but the truth is that I’d given it a good hard mull and LANDED on “Joseph Quick.” And somehow I’ve since managed to become a semi-productive member of society!


Things he’s loving:

1. “The Wire” by Haim
I’ve been hearing the Haim-hype for a while, but I’d only given a cursory listen at best. The noise about this band of sisters reached a kind of crescendo on my social media radar this week, though, when the trio released a new song through SoundCloud. It is a very good song! Elements of classic rock and ’80s synth-pop actually can learn to work and play well together. Haim start with this sports anthem-like clap-and-stomp, and layer so many things on top of it. Eventually there’s a violin moment? It’s definitely a jam, and I thank the Internet for putting me onto it. (You did it again, Internet!)

2. “Birth to Death, As Told By Cinema”
Mash-up videos are hit-or-miss, but this one is definitely in the former category. The premise is right there in the title, but it’s an entire life depicted with little snippets of movies–kind of like Christian Marclay’s The Clock, but with a looser focus. An Orson Welles voiceover from F Is For Fake serves as backdrop, while clips from a ton of movies map the trajectory of a human life. The space-baby from 2001 starts us off, because of course it does, and then eventually the little boy from Love, Actually becomes McLovin from Superbad, Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate, Vince Vaughn in Swingers, and so forth. Best of all, you can click on the interface at any point and jump to the clip from which each bit originated. This video is better than several of its source movies.

3. “The Arscheerio Paul Show”
Look, I cannot tell a lie: Paul Scheer is kind of the best. He is so funny in so many things, but perhaps he’s best known for being in Human Giant with Aziz Ansari and Rob Huebel, and FX’s The League. In any case, the sight of him donning the 8-ball jacket and hightop-fade of Arsenio Hall for some reason fills me with a joy that defies description. The Arscheerio Paul Show has absolutely no reason in the world to exist. I mean, look at how forced that title is. Why on Earth would anyone feel the need to re-create Arsenio Hall interviews from 20 years ago? Perhaps it’s precisely the deep, deep redundancy of this boondoggle that allows it to yield such comedic jewels. Funny folk like Alison Brie and Seth Rogen do interviews with Scheer’s Arsenio in the guise of Madonna and Gary Coleman, etc. Bonus: There are two versions of each interview–one that is a word-for-word reenactment, and a longer improv-based version. This series began earlier in spring, but a handful of new episodes dropped all at once this week, as though designed to help us all through our collective Carlos Danger hangover.


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