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Uniformly Outrageous

To see major design risks, check out these minor league teams.

  • <p>Organ donor night</p>
  • <p>A tribute to its legendary hot dog vendor.</p>
  • <p>Chewbacca</p>
  • <p>Price is Right theme</p>
  • <p>Argyle</p>
  • <p>Social media uniform with 6k of team’s twitter followers</p>
  • <p>Tribute to a couple married at the ballpark that night</p>
  • <p>Santa</p>
  • <p>Santa</p>
  • <p>Western night</p>
  • <p>Batman</p>
  • <p>Tribute to legendary hockey commentator Don Cherry</p>
  • 01 /12 | Memphis Redbirds

    Organ donor night

  • 02 /12 | The Reading Fightin Phils

    A tribute to its legendary hot dog vendor.

  • 03 /12 | Toledo Mud Hens


  • 04 /12 | Fresno Grizzles

    Price is Right theme

  • 05 /12 | Fort Wayne TinCaps


  • 06 /12 | Fort Wayne TinCaps

    Social media uniform with 6k of team’s twitter followers

  • 07 /12 | Lehigh Valley IronPigs

    Tribute to a couple married at the ballpark that night

  • 08 /12 | Lehigh Valley IronPigs


  • 09 /12 | Los Vegas Wranglers


  • 10 /12 | Quad City Mallards

    Western night

  • 11 /12 | Tulsa Oilers


  • 12 /12 | Kingston Frontenacs

    Tribute to legendary hockey commentator Don Cherry

While scouring the sports world for the latest in team uniforms, we couldn’t help but admire the sartorial lengths to which minor league teams will go to draw a crowd. Without big-name athletes, they’ll outfit their athletes in just about anything to get noticed.

Teams will trot out players in Chewbacca-inspired jerseys for Star Wars Night or looking like athletic Santa Clauses for a Christmas in July promotion. They’ll create faux-tuxedo uniforms for a game at which a local couple is getting hitched on the baseball diamond.

Here are the craziest minor league uniforms we found. Hideous? Brilliantly hideous? Just brilliant? Tough call.

This much is clear: These are the sort of creative risks (or marketing gimmicks) that big league teams don’t dare take. Consider the NFL’s new redesigns. Although more and more teams are eager to try a new look and generate some excitement, particularly struggling franchises like the Jacksonville Jaguars, executives don’t want to go too far and alien fans. Nike, which is now outfitting the NFL, looks to incorporate design elements that grow out of a team’s identify and local roots. The Chewbacca look? Sorry, that comes from a galaxy far, far away.

[Image: Flickr user Terren in Virginia]