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Today's Most Innovative Company: Shoutabl Helps Musicians Focus on Chords, Not Code

Shoutabl's platform lets musicians quickly get a website and online shop set up and running, leaving them more time to focus on music.

For musicians, setting up a website isn't nearly as exciting as the prospect of making music or hitting the road on tour. A new music technology startup called Shoutabl is creating a one-stop shop for musicians looking to stay relevant in the digital age without cutting into their real jobs.

Shoutabl was created by Travis Donovan and Travis Morrison, two former Huffington Post executives, to provide musicians with easy, out-of-the-box solutions for creating your own website, setting up a commerce platform for merchandise, and connecting with fans and other artists via a built-in social network. (Morrison is also the drummer for The Dismemberment Plan.) Shoutabl is currently in invite-only beta, but will open to the public later this year.

Shoutabl is one of several startups attempting to use technology to serve the needs of modern musicians, from StageIt's online concert platform, which lets musicians make extra cash by broadcasting impromptu shows; Bandcamp's online music store; Gigit, which helps bands book shows; and's social network for artist and labels to interact with fans.

[Image: Flickr user marfis75]

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