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Andrew Sullivan Claims His Blog Is Now More Profitable Than The Daily Beast

In a conversation with PBS, Sullivan claims his newly independent blog is a financial success.

Andrew Sullivan Claims His Blog Is Now More Profitable Than The Daily Beast

Andrew Sullivan's enormously popular blog, The Dish, just released some info on its earnings. Allegedly, it's more profitable than The Daily Beast—which Sullivan quit in favor of turning his blog into an independent media entity. For Sullivan, this was perhaps a very smart move.

PBS Idea Lab spoke to Sullivan for their Mediatwits web television program. The commentator and blogger claimed to PBS's Mark Glaser that he raised more revenue in the seven months since he went independent than the Daily Beast has raised in the past 2.5 years. Sullivan bought up his earnings in the middle of a conversation about Nate Silver ditching the New York Times for ESPN.

"People tend to communicate with other people online, not with institutions," Sullivan said. "When people go online, they like to communicate with other people—I think that's the power of personal brands online. People's personal sites and talents are more likely to be read than big institutional structures."

Though, to be fair, Sullivan does like using his blog to snipe at his ex-employers. Daily Beast corporate parent IAC's latest SEC filing does not include specific numbers for Tina Brown's web journalism venture, but the company's sprawling online media ownings—which include everything from Vimeo to CollegeHumor alongside the Beast—bought in $58 million in revenue for Q2 2013.

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