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Pinterest Now Lets You Know When Pinned Items Drop In Price

The social pinboard site already provides pricing information for many of its product pins. Now, it will let you know each time those prices go down.

Pinterest Now Lets You Know When Pinned Items Drop In Price

The vintage bicycles and shiny wall clocks of Pinterest were once the aspirational stuff of pinners' dreams. But Pinterest is bringing more of these items within reach for users with a new feature that alerts users when the price of those coveted, pinned items drops.

Pinterest has displayed certain information about its product pins for a few months—since May, many product pins on the site have included information on their retailer, price, and availability. Now, whenever a product pin reflects a new, lower price, users who have pinned that product will receive an email notification.

The added ability to scout for deals on Pinterest is undoubtedly useful for pinners, but it could also prove to be valuable for the service itself. Though Pinterest will not be making money off the new price alert feature, it could serve as an important way to demonstrate its selling engine potential to the brands that often show up on users' pinboards.

[Image: Flickr user 7263255]