Now You Can Have Multiple User Profiles On One Netflix Account

The streaming service has a new tool that lets individual members on the same account maintain their own viewer profiles for better personalized movie and TV recommendations.

Now You Can Have Multiple User Profiles On One Netflix Account

Confused about why you’re getting Netflix recommendations for “Canadian Made-For-TV Movies”? It’s possible that highly personalized suggestion was meant for someone else on your Netflix account.

Today, the streaming service is introducing a free account-splitting feature that will allow multiple users under a single account–like family members–to create up to five distinct profiles. This will allow the streaming service to suggest separate, personalized TV and movie recommendations.

The feature will begin rolling out today on and for most devices that support streaming from Netflix, like Apple devices, the PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, and various smart TVs. Support for the Wii, Android, and Roku set-top box will come later, the New York Times reports.

Personalized recommendations are one of Netflix’s greatest competitive advantages over other streaming services, like Amazon Instant Video and Hulu. The company’s recent second quarter earnings report, which teased this new account splitting feature, states more than 75% of all media streamed on Netflix stems from personalized recommendations.

Netflix also promises more recommendation-based features are on the way, including a social feature that will let users send recommendations directly to one another.

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