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Man Who Created A Drone From His Dead Cat Concocts The OstrichCopter

The giant winged creature finally takes flight, with a little help.

Remember the man who made a quadcopter out of his dead cat? He managed to get a hold of a dead ostrich to construct the OstrichCopter.

By their sheer size, ostriches can't take flight, but the taxidermy-drone hybrid was able to propel the winged creature into the air. Bart Jansen acquired the carcass, which measured about three meters long and weighed 21 kilograms (46 pounds), from an ostrich farm where it died of disease.

The idea for OstrichCopter was inspired by an invitation to show OrvilleCopter, named after his cat Orville, at the Zwarte Cross Festival in Netherlands. "I thought it was really funny to make fly a bird that can't [fly]," Jansen told Wired UK.

Jansen's strange obsession with dead animals extends beyond drones. He also has an interest in fashion and is currently acquiring more roadkill hedgehogs (in addition to the 19 he already has) for a jacket.

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