Facebook Shows You What You Were Up To A Year Ago With “On This Day”

What were you up to on Facebook on July 31, 2012? The social network is testing “On This Day,” a feature that takes you on a trip into the past.

Facebook Shows You What You Were Up To A Year Ago With “On This Day”

Facebook is currently testing a News Feed feature called “On This Day,” which lets users revisit the past by showing them what they and their friends were up to a year ago to date. The feature displays both you and your friends’ important life moments, like birthdays, or when you started a new job.

The nostalgia-inducing idea behind “On This Day” is also at the core of the app Timehop, which serves as a personal time capsule that reminds you what you were up to a year ago on Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram, Twitter, and Flickr. Timehop, which is currently only available for iOS, recently discontinued its popular daily email service to focus on its mobile app.

“On This Day” is also similar to a feature Facebook tested in 2011, also called “On This Day,” but which only displayed your old personal status updates. A month after the social network began testing the original “On This Day,” it unveiled Timeline, the profile page redesign with an emphasis on sharing and remembering life moments it has maintained ever since.

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