Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present (On Reddit)

The world-renowned performance artist submitted to an AMA in which she discussed her work, Jay Z, crowdfunding, and more. As one Redditor asked: “Is this AMA a performance? If so, who is performing and who is experiencing or viewing the work?”

Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present (On Reddit)

Marina Abramovic’s most recent stunt doesn’t take place in a museum–it’s on Kickstarter. The performance artist sat down today for an Ask Me Anything session with Reddit users, many of whom asked Abramovic about her decision to turn to the crowdfunding platform to raise $600,000. The money will go toward the $20 million in renovations required to turn the building she purchased last year in Hudson, New York, into the future home of the Marina Abramovic Institute, an “interdisciplinary performance and education center.”


During her AMA, Abramovic answered questions about everything from her famous 2010 MoMA performance “The Artist Is Present” to why she, a successful and world-renowned artist, needs funding through Kickstarter.

Among the highlights:

  • On why she turned to Kickstarter to fund a portion of the renovation costs for the Marina Abramovic Institute: “The idea of institute is an original one–Kickstarter is a young and original idea of fundraising through social media. I think it is appropriate for institute not to make it [elitist] but rather for everyone to found the institute who wants to.”
  • On taking Jay Z seriously after the rapper’s “Picasso Baby” performance art piece: “I do. He comes from really troubled background. He make his own way from the really difficult childhood and struggle to being rapper royalty and that’s not easy. I respect that.”
  • On embracing technology: “…computers can be used as a tool for meditation tools. We will definitely have technology chamber in the institute because I think we can’t deny technology and its effects on humanity today.”

Read the rest of the AMA here.

[Image: Flickr user 16 Miles of String]

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