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Want A Cronut? Donate To A Food Bank

Hungry New Yorkers everywhere will benefit from this pro-social meme.

Want A Cronut? Donate To A Food Bank

The Cronut Project was born when three advertising agency interns were given a $1,000 budget and the mandate to do as much good as possible. Taking a little bit of inspiration from Fast Company, they are soliciting donations for the Food Bank of New York with a delicious (and flaky) twist: They have partnered with Dominique Ansel, baker-creator of the smash hit pastry that combines the best of a croissant and a doughnut, to offer a limited edition passion fruit flavor. Every day this week, the largest-dollar donor, plus a random donor, will get one of these special cronuts.

So far the project has collected around $2,000 with the highest single cronut going for a cool $250. Can Fast Company readers do better? Donate to The Cronut Project and tweet at us to let us know!

[Image: Shutterstock]