How To Become One Of Our “Labs Rats”

Our bosses want readers to tell us–your humble, servile editors–what you want to see change on, so they gave us a survey to distribute. We think we can do much better than that.

How To Become One Of Our “Labs Rats”

Dear FastCo.Labs Reader,


All day long, we talk to you, monitoring your tweets and comments for reactions. Now we’re asking for you a straight shot of feedback. That’s right–a survey. So what do you get in exchange for five precious, irreplaceable minutes of your time?

  • Early access to Fast Company events
  • Special offers and discounts
  • Chance to win prizes
  • Feelings of magnanimity

Prizes? Discounts? Offers? Magna-something? It’s all quite vague, we know–but you’ll have to sign up to find out exactly what’s in store. Here’s the survey link:

But wait! There’s more. (There always is.) A survey is a great way to get standardized responses, but we don’t want just standardized responses. In fact, we want specific suggestions: What kinds of stories do you want to see? What’s boring you? What’s under-covered? What story formats work? Is anyone listening to the audio tracks on our feature stories?

This is an open call for all sorts of feedback. (Disclaimer: We may print what you write, with or without attribution. So if you’re going for backhanded compliments, go get a coffee and some Post-it notes and write a few drafts first.)

If you email with subject “Labs Rats,” along with your ideas about how to make FastCo.Labs better, I’ll reply to you personally and we can hash out your ideas. If your ideas are bad, I’ll let you know. If they’re great, we’ll use them–and give you full credit. We may be frighteningly high up in a Manhattan office building, but this ain’t no ivory tower. So please: Reach out and let us know if we’re doing things well or really really well. If you’re not familiar with our mission, watch our launch video below.

We appreciate your honesty and we value your time–that’s why we spend our mornings deleting every superfluous word from our stories and making sure they come across loud and clear. Thanks for reading, and we’ll keep working hard for your eyeballs–whether you drop us a line or not.


Chris Dannen
Senior Editor, FastCo.Labs

Gabe Stein
Technical Editor, FastCo.Labs

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