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Bing And Yahoo Launch Anti-Pedophilia U.K. Search Alerts, But Google Declines

British users searching for child porn on Bing and Yahoo will now receive warning pages with links to counselors. Google feels its own methods for deterring such searches are more effective.

British Internet users searching for child pornography will now receive pop-up warnings on Bing and Yahoo. Microsoft announced the program on Sunday. Users searching for keywords tied to child porn, whether in images or text, will be fed pop-up messages telling them child abuse is illegal and containing numbers for counselors.

A Microsoft spokesperson told The Independent, "If someone in the UK tries to use search terms on Bing which can only indicate they are looking for illegal child abuse content, they will activate the Bing Notification Platform which will produce an on-screen notification telling them that child abuse content is illegal. The notification will also contain a link to who will be able to provide them with counselling."

The move is part of a campaign by Prime Minister David Cameron to crack down on the Internet's seamier corners. Google declined to add the alerts, which look a bit like those that appear on malware-ridden sites. However, Google is also heavily involved in anti-trafficking efforts.

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