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With "Treasure Tag," Nokia's New Lumia Phone Will Help You Find Your Lost Items

Nokia is planning to introduce a Bluetooth-based proximity sensor that integrates with the new Lumia smartphones to keep track of your misplaced keys.

Nokia is planning to introduce a Bluetooth accessory for its Lumia phones called the Treasure Tag, a small proximity sensor you can use to attach the device to anything you don't want to lose, like a set of keys, The Verge reports.

Treasure Tag combines Bluetooth Low Energy and the near field communication technology found in some mobile wallet apps, like 's. The tags will come with a Windows Phone app through which users will be able to track the sensor and locate it on a map, should it and the object it's tracking go missing. A reverse-tracking feature will also allow you to press a key on the Treasure Tag to trigger a sound notification on your Lumia phone, as long as it's within range (about 160 feet).

Does this sound familiar? Treasure Tag's concept is very similar to that of Tile, a small startup that recently crowdfunded $2.7 million for its quarter-sized, Bluetooth-enabled devices. The $25 Tiles can be affixed to anything you want to track, and come with a complementary iOS app. Treasure Tag will reportedly sport a battery life of six months. (Tile, which also uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology, boasts a one-year battery life.)

[Image: Flickr user otacon_85]

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