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Where Are They Now?

Amazon Studios Wants To Let You Choose New Web Shows Before They're Created

Studios director Roy Price wants viewer feedback on shows even before they are made into pilots.

Amazon Studios Wants To Let You Choose New Web Shows Before They're Created

Amazon Studios, the entertainment production arm of the online retail giant, has already used crowdsourcing to decide which of its original web pilots should become full series. But Studios director Roy Price says he's interested in developing an early-feedback system that would let viewers give their input even before a pilot is created.

"Is there a way to test a concept, short of making a full-blown pilot? To test 100 ideas in some modest way, while knowing it can’t be so modest that you can’t learn anything from it?" Price says in a recent interview with AllThingsD.

In April, Amazon Studios streamed pilots for 14 different original web series and eventually optioned five, including Alpha House, a political comedy starring John Goodman, and three children's series.

During last week's earnings report, Amazon reported a net loss of $7 million in the second quarter, though revenues were up 22% year-over-year. The loss was due in part to a 47% increase in technology and content costs from last year. Soliciting viewer feedback early on could help Amazon field-test show concepts without having to develop nearly as many expensive pilots.

[Image: Flickr user Salvagenation]