10 More Hidden Gems In iOS 7

A few weeks back, we uncovered 10 sweet little features hidden in iOS 7 and glossed over by the launch press. Now here are 10 more spoilers for you to drool over while waiting for the iPhone 6.

10 More Hidden Gems In iOS 7

Dismissing Notifications Is Easy

In the new multitasking area, to stop an app, you swipe up, so it only makes sense that to get rid of unwanted notifications blocking the top of your screen, you flick them up as well. This will dismiss them without having to wait for them to disappear on their own. Other mobile operating systems like WebOS and Android implemented a left/right swipe to dismiss similar notifications, which doesn’t work in iOS 7.


Missed Notifications Are More Manageable

In previous versions of iOS, all notifications piled up in notification center, but in iOS 7 specifically missed items now get separated out into their own section. On the far right of notification center lives any missed texts, calls, or app updates that were sent to your lock screen, but then never dealt with.

FaceTime Contacts In The App

Now that FaceTime is its own app, you have multiple areas where contacts can be found. In the phone app, the contacts app, and now in FaceTime as well. In both the phone and address book the background is solid, but in FaceTime the background uses the front-facing camera to add your face behind the names. A slight indicator that this, more than likely, will be a video call.

FaceTime Now Has Audio-Only

Just like Apple created their own free messaging system with other Apple devices called iMessage, in iOS 7 they’ve taken on phone calls and will allow voice-only calls over the Internet without using any of your cell minutes.

Sort Your Photos By Type

It sounds obvious and simple, but having videos, photos, and panoramas all separated out in the new photos app saves a lot of time. Also great for quickly finding large videos filling up your phone’s storage.

Parallax Lock Screen Photos

Now that panoramas are easier to locate in your camera roll, try using one as your lock screen image. The image rotates with your movement according to iOS 7 motion parallax, allowing you see your entire photo. A new party trick for sure.

Zoom In While Recording Video

You can now zoom in while you are recording video. Previously you couldn’t zoom in video mode, and after the software update you’ll be able to.


iTunes Wish Lists Syncs With Mac

Not only can you now add apps to a wish list by click the share button in the App Store, but they also sync back to your Mac’s iTunes wish list as well. If you aren’t quite ready to commit to a $5 app, add it to the wish list to mull the purchase a little longer without forgetting about it.

No Banner For New Apps

Instead of getting plastered with a big “new” banner after installed, apps now get a little blue dot next to them to indicate they have not yet been launched. Once you know, you know–but until then, the little blue dot might just drive you crazy.

Compass–Now With Levels

The compass is finally useful. This is a feature you might never find on your own considering the majority of users stuck the compass in a dusty folder and never looked back. In addition to a compass, the app also houses two types of levels. You can level an item by holding the phone vertical or horizontal, but also by laying it flat on a surface as well. Finally a reason to move the compass out of hiding.

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