Paying With Your Phone Is Becoming More Popular, Especially At Starbucks

Mobile payments account for 10% of all transactions in U.S. Starbucks.

Paying With Your Phone Is Becoming More Popular, Especially At Starbucks

An interesting tidbit was buried in last week’s financial results from Starbucks: Mobile phone payments in the firm’s coffee shops have crossed the 10% threshold. Good news for Starbucks’s chief digital officer Adam Brotman, whose next initiative, the wireless charging mat, hits Silicon Valley shops next month.

The firm’s digital initiatives, such as its addition to Apple’s Passbook roster last year, seem to be paying dividends–in every sense of the word–on the revenue front. Starbucks was one of the first firms to embrace the app culture, and its iOS app works both ways, feeding data back to the firm while bringing both special deals and a faster cup of pre-work morning joe to customers.

This news accompanies the news that food sales within stores are up (which bodes well for its new partnership with yogurt maker Danone, although is perhaps not such good news for anyone hoping to see the world’s population lose weight in general). So, Starbucks looks to be in good shape. Its wholehearted embrace of technology (it has more than 4 million followers on Twitter) seems to be paying off, despite some initial setbacks.

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