Key Apple Exec Bob Mansfield Moves Out Of The Limelight

Mansfield, considered a key Apple leader, is leaving the company’s executive team.

Key Apple Exec Bob Mansfield Moves Out Of The Limelight

Bob Mansfield is leaving Apple‘s executive team. His profile page has already been removed from Apple’s website. Mansfield is staying on as a special adviser to Tim Cook, working on special projects, but Apple, following its tight PR line, is not saying much more.

Mansfield’s retirement announcement last year apparently caused a big fuss at Apple, and this prompted Tim Cook to persuade Mansfield to stay on. Cook reportedly offered Mansfield a very generous financial package and the role of special vice president of technologies.

Mansfield was considered to be very influential in the production of Apple’s hit MacBook Air, iPhone, and iPad devices. He was in a position at Apple that allowed him to influence nearly every piece of hardware produced. This was a result of Tim Cook’s dramatic executive team shake-up after the serious failings in Apple’s Maps product and the departure of senior vice president software Scott Forstall in 2012. Microsoft recently reorganized its executive team in a similar manner, aligning its executive teams by functions instead of having disparate product-centric groups.

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