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10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: Royal Oreo, Brand Satire, And More

Top stories this week were in the world of VR. Disney’s new device allows us to feel and interact with objects on TV, while MiKandi is looking to establish virtual sex through Google Glass. Partnership anyone? These stories and more in this week’s top 10.

1. How To Find Out Whether You’re A Good Cultural Fit At Any Company
Good.Co’s new personality assessment tool can check if you are in the right job (and maybe help you find a new one).

2. See Your Favorite Brands’ Logos Redesigned With Added Reality
Satirical brand redesigns, compliments of the French.

3. With the Royal Baby, Oreo Shows It Has Perfect Timing On Twitter
Fast Company
Oreo strikes again! (Wish every company understood social like this.)

4. This Google Glass Porno Flick Foreshadows Your Future Sex Life
Someone has certainly found a use for Google Glass.

5. 10 Ways To Make Your Office More Fun
Fast Company
Bored at work? We’ve got you covered.

6. 7 Ways To Boost Your Creativity
Insulating yourself too much will result in a loss of creativity. This list will ensure that your eyes, ears, and mind remain open.

7. 9 Easy-To-Steal Habits Of The Super Successful
Fast Company
Wanna be great? Learn from the greatest.

8. How An “Impossible” Aviation Challenge Led To An Innovation Breakthrough
Self. Powered. Flight. (Achieved through Herculean effort.)

9. This Is What Wi-Fi Would Look Like, If We Could See It
Trippy images of Wi-Fi–feeling a little cancerous right now?

10. Disney’s Crazy Invention Lets You Feel Phantom Objects Floating In Air
This new haptic feedback device allows us to feel interactions with the digital world in open air.

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