The Recommender: Leslie Dela Vega, Fast Company’s Director Of Photography

The three best things Fast Company‘s Director of Photography saw on the Internet this week.

The Recommender: Leslie Dela Vega, Fast Company’s Director Of Photography

Name: Leslie Dela Vega
Role at Fast Company: Director of Photography
Twitter: @leslied_v
Titillating fact: Since she was a teenager, she has often dreamt of flying. “Flying through the air, free, happy. It’s a drug-free high. I look forward to falling asleep to do just that.” So this Saturday, Leslie is going on her first tandem skydiving jump, “hoping to re-create that feeling in real life.”


Things she’s loving:

1. Talia Herman’s photography
On Tuesday, I met with Talia Herman, a photographer from Guerneville, California. I told my partner I’d love to retire in this small town. It has just one intersection, but has redwood trees and the Russian River at its feet. Silence. Herman’s portfolio was similar: quiet, thoughtful. So after meeting her, I went on her blog, where there is so much eye candy. Her project of following Guerneville residents was raw, deep, personal at times. Her color palette, muted for some, gives me an antiquated, inside feel of these lives.

2. The Greenpoint, Brooklyn Nazi skinhead project
I received a book from Adam Krause, a photographer whose personal projects were intriguing and inviting. He covers subjects that are honed and minutely specific. You can see an example of these subjects in the Greenpoint, Brooklyn Nazi skinheads project. Another? Alligator hunting + commerce. Beautifully lit, nicely composed portraits of alligators and their hunters.

3. Life On Sundays
I have to admit, this isn’t a new find. But I go to this site as often as possible. It’s nice to scroll down FOREVER and look at photos, but not just any photos. These photos are of design, architecture, people, sex, all of which totally work together in this layout. Graphic lines, colors, shapes, text, and men’s clothing, which I myself as a woman prefer half the time. This is my Pinterest board already made for me:

[Image: Flickr user Horia Varlan]

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