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Free Netflix Is So Overwhelmingly Popular, Chromecast Had To Stop Offering It

Both Amazon and BestBuy are out of the $35 dongle, and you'll have to wait a month for it on Google Play.

Twenty-four hours after its launch, Google's Chromecast deal with Netflix, giving anyone who bought the dongle a free three months of Netflix, has been nixed. The reason? The service was just too popular.

Amazon and BestBuy have both already sold out of the $35 dongle, and there is a wait of up to one month on the Google Play store.

"Due to overwhelming demand for Chromecast devices since launch, the 3-month Netflix promotion (which was available in limited quantities) is no longer available," Google told the Los Angeles Times in a statement. It later clarified that anyone who bought the web-to-TV gizmo that Google so hopes will be an Apple TV-killer before the promotion ran out would still get their 90 days of Netflix.

[Image: Flickr user EricaJoy]