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Google Plans To Rival The Apple TV

The Wall Street Journal is reporting a hot rumor about Google’s plans for taking over the TV in your living room with new hardware.

Google Plans To Rival The Apple TV

Google’s Chromecast dongle stole the headlines this week with its neat ability to play content from a mobile device to a TV, but the Wall Street Journal is saying Google actually has something more interesting on the way. It is working on a set-top box that streams content and also includes a camera and a motion sensor.

In January at CES, Google showed off the hardware in a private showing, according to the WSJ, and the device is simply the next step in Google’s plan to move into the living room electronics space after the Google TV, Chromecast, and its oddly failed and canceled Nexus Q device. The hardware’s motion sensor is for control purposes and the camera is said to give the device the ability to partake in Google hangouts.

Home entertainment electronics are so far dominated by legacy dedicated hardware like DVD players, set-top boxes from companies like Roku, and games consoles like the Xbox that also connect to streaming movie and TV content. Apple, Google’s main rival in the mobile device space, has long had a successful Apple TV product on sale. According to recent stats, the device that Apple has long called a “hobby” project actually captured 56% of the set-top box streaming market around the entire world in 2012. Apple is rumored to be planning a more powerful TV device.

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