Conference Calendar September 2013

Conference Calendar September 2013


September 8th-11th: iMedia Brand Summit
Coronado, California
Learn about crafting a brand’s story from the likes of PepsiCo, Google, and Vice Media.


September 9th-11th: AMA Annual Marketing Conference
New Orleans
The American Marketing Association’s annual conference features noted idea man Jonah Berger and recognizes “Four Under 40” emerging marketing leaders.

September 10th-11th: Content Marketing World
The world’s largest content marketing event brings in speakers from Coca-Cola and Intel for a weekend of presentations and networking.

September 12th-17th: IBC2013
Thousands of attendees from all over the world meet at one of the world’s largest conferences on the business of broadcast media.

September 17th-18th: CED Tech Venture Conference
Raleigh, North Carolina
With venture capital investments at an all-time high, tech entrepreneurs and investors gather to connect
with potential partners and grow their businesses.

September 18th-21st: Highlights of Logic, Games and Automata Conference
A singular conference for three interconnected fields keeps it short and sweet to bring people together.

September 20th-22nd: International Food Bloggers Conference
Sponsored by Chipotle and Urbanspoon, this conference offers a discounted rate for bloggers who are willing to write about their experience there.

September 25th-27th: WebVisions
“The creative conference for the web” invites designers and developers to explore the future and embrace more dangerous thinking in business.